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EBradley at williams-int.com EBradley at williams-int.com
Fri Sep 8 17:23:31 CEST 2006

Hello all,
I am running Solaris 10U2 with the latest patches.  I installed fluxbox
via pkg-get from the unstable blastwave.org site today (thanks
My question is:  How do I start fluxbox?  If I type 'fluxbox' from the
command line, it tells me there is already a window manager on the
current X session.  Is there a way to add it to the login manager of
I've looked a bit online but haven't found an answer yet (I'll keep
looking).  I tried running 'startfluxbox' from the command line, but it
locks my machine and i have to remote in from another box and kill the
process.  It doesn't appear to work anyway...it results in lots of
errors in the console.
Also, it would be ideal to have the ability to log into flux as both
root and my user id, if possible.
Thanks in advance, and sorry for the silly legal disclaimer that will be
attached to this message.  :-\
Evan D. Bradley

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