[csw-users] n00bness kicking in

Tim Smith tim.smith at degreec.com
Tue Sep 12 16:32:09 CEST 2006

Ok, I'm trying to upgrade firefox from the ancient 1.0.6 ive been stuck 
with to the new shiny 1.5.whatever that I just noticed is availible.

The problem is, it has a lot of deps that need updating.

Right now, I'm manually re-running pkg-get -i firefox, waiting for it to 
DL 20 megs, then waiting to see which package dep needs updating, then 
repeating the process down the chain for each package ....

running pkg-get -h doesnt seem to provide a better way.

Is there a quicker way I can give pkg-get an argument to "update 
dependancies as needed but dont update everything on my system", as I do 
-NOT- want to invoke a qt/kde update by accident...

does that question make sense?

Timothy Smith
IT Administrator
Degree Controls, INC

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