[csw-users] Update to testing

Dennis Clarke dclarke at blastwave.org
Sun Sep 24 23:08:40 CEST 2006

> How does one update to something in testing?
> so if I want to get this:
> try to update your GNOME build to the latest packages in
> www.blastwave.org/testing first gnome-panel/desktop/controlcenter/
> first.
> What do I do?

before you grab something from testing please verify the version that is in
unstable is not the same thing.

do a pkg-get -U

and then a pkg-get -c | egrep -v "Not|SAME"

then look in the output to see if the remote version is the same as what is
in testing.

This does happen from time to time.

If the version is the same then just use pkg-get to update as per usual.

Otherwise you are stuck downloading the package manually from the testing
page and you need to pkgrm the CSW package yourself and install manually.

Don't be surprised if you get dependency warnings and things like that.

In fact, the warning on the testing page is real clear.  :-)


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