[csw-users] new user questions

Trygve Laugstøl trygvis at inamo.no
Fri Apr 27 00:12:43 CEST 2007

Sergey wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm new to this list. I am using csw packages for solaris quite a long
> time. Now I want to became a maintainer and to upload some packages I'm
> using.
> These are mailserver related packages. I use dovecot, and I'm glad
> Blastwave has the newest version of this server.
> But I'd like to have pacage dovecot-devel and dovecot-sieve.
> Dovecot-devel should be build from the same sources as dovecot, but with
> 'enable-headers-install' option for ./configure. And then it will by
> possible to build against dovecot's headers and libraries dovecot
> cmu_sieve plugin.
> Also I'd like to see postfix with dovecot authentification support.
> Postfix has this support starting version 2.3, and Blastwave has 2.2.8,
> while already 2.4.1 released.
> Then I'd like to have packages dspam and squirrelmail, I will have them
> on by server in any case, but it would be better to prepare and make
> them for Blastwave repository.
> Also some packages, like CSWapache2, have errors, already reported in
> this mailing list, - may be there are some way to upload patches to
> bugzilla, or to get authorization to upload fixed packages with
> permission of the maintainer?
> I have filled up "CSW - Maintainer signup page" 2 days ago, and the
> message after submitting it promised reply within a few hours. Should I
> repeat this singup process, or I am rejected from being a csw maintainer?

I have the same question. I signed up to upload and maintain the mailman 
package over a week ago but haven't gotten any feedback.

Dennis Clarke told me on #opensolaris to ping him directly so consider 
this as a ping :)


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