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Alessio Cervellin a.cervellin at virgilio.it
Fri Apr 27 12:24:20 CEST 2007

It's a quite slow process so you have to wait some days, then after - 
let's say 7 days - you don't get an answer, you could send a reminder 
to Dennis Clarke.
Anyway even if you get rejected, you always get back 
an email with the response.

Patience is the first pre-requisite for a 
good maintainer! ;)

good luck

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Hi everyone,
new to this list. I am using csw packages for solaris quite a long
time. Now I want to became a maintainer and to upload some packages I'm
These are mailserver related packages. I use dovecot, and I'm 
Blastwave has the newest version of this server.
But I'd like to 
have pacage dovecot-devel and dovecot-sieve.
Dovecot-devel should be 
build from the same sources as dovecot, but with
install' option for ./configure. And then it will by
possible to build 
against dovecot's headers and libraries dovecot
cmu_sieve plugin.
I'd like to see postfix with dovecot authentification support.
has this support starting version 2.3, and Blastwave has 2.2.8,
already 2.4.1 released.
Then I'd like to have packages dspam and 
squirrelmail, I will have them
on by server in any case, but it would 
be better to prepare and make
them for Blastwave repository.
Also some 
packages, like CSWapache2, have errors, already reported in
mailing list, - may be there are some way to upload patches to
bugzilla, or to get authorization to upload fixed packages with
permission of the maintainer?
I have filled up "CSW - Maintainer signup 
page" 2 days ago, and the
message after submitting it promised reply 
within a few hours. Should I
repeat this singup process, or I am 
rejected from being a csw maintainer?

	With best regards,
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users at lists.blastwave.org

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