[csw-users] Xfce 4.4 progress report

William Bonnet william at wbonnet.net
Sat Feb 10 23:33:01 CET 2007


As you may already know, a new version of Xfce has been released on the 
21st of January. I have started to upgrade the Blastwave packages 
(actually version is 4.2.3).

A first set of packages have been build, but actually there exist 
several problems. That is the reason why i haven't yet release my 
packages to testing nor unstable.

The current version has several configuration and segmentation fault 
problems. I will release a first set of package when segmentation fault 
issues will be solved (configuration problem will be easy to fix). 
Problems may come from an version compatibility issue with other libs 
(which we may have to be update also).

I'll let you know for future progress.

Kind regards,

William                  http://www.wbonnet.net

http://www.sunwizard.net Le site français des amateurs de stations Unix
http://www.blastwave.org An OpenSolaris Community Site
http://www.guses.org     French speaking Solaris User Group

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