[csw-users] gnome 2.14 problem in unstable branch

Jason Zhang zhihengz at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 04:12:58 CET 2007

Hey all:

Firstly Thanks for providing useful community packages for Solaris

I installed gnome from unstable branch of Blastwave for a blade 100 box
with Solaris 10 06/06. I understood this is unstable branch, there will
be problems, but I still got lots of problem that should not happen ( in
my opinion) since it is too obvious to see, sorry if it is only problem
on my box, but I dont think so.

I did a fresh installation of solaris 10 06/06 on blade 100, and then
install CSW-gnome from unstable branch. Let's see if your guys have same
situation on following problems:

1. There is problem loading clock applet when loggin in CSW gnome. After
investigation, /opt/csw/libexec/clock-applet get the link problem on
mozilla libs: missing libsmime3.so, libssl3.so libsoftokn3.so
libplds4.so libpldc4.so libnspr4.so, which is actually
in /opt/cswlib/mozilla

2. The evolution also has same problem as clock applet.

3. Each time, I move the folder in Desktop, the nautilus will crash and

4. gnome-dictionary crash, and cannot work

5. gaim start with the problem on gstreamer

6. Each gnome menu has weired menu item, for example in gedit, the
file->Quit menu item is displayed as 
Quit   Keyboard Label|Ctrl+Q
What kind of locale used when building the package, I try to set to C,
en_US.UTF-8, en_US.iso8859-1, all have the same promble.

7. Rythmbox crash as it is in stable branch. If everyone has this
problem, should this package be removed from package list at least?

8. In evolution, no matter what setting I have for HTML email, the
images cannot be loaded.

9. In evolution, if it is trying to load a HTML mail with lots of image,
the loading process hangs, the preview panel will not change even I
click other email, then the evolution cannot shutdown any more, I have
to hard kill the process.

10 In evolution, the LDAP address cannot be used,  the error message in
console as

(evolution-2.6:3929): evolution-addressbook-WARNING **: error loading
addressbook : e_book_load_uri: no factories available for uri

11. in evolution, the LDAP address cannot removed, when try to remove,
the error message in console as 

(evolution-2.6:3929): libebook-WARNING **: e_book_construct: Could not
obtain a handle to the Personal Addressbook Server with IID

12. In gnome-terminal, the font should be anti-alias, but it is not.

Could anybody response with a few word to indicate if you have same
situation or not. If it is common among gnome users, then the maintainer
can know there are issues in unstable branch.

Best Regard
Jason Zhang


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