[csw-users] Emacs 22 snapshot 20070101 CVS in testing

Peter FELECAN pfelecan at blastwave.org
Tue Jan 2 21:54:39 CET 2007

The monthly CVS snapshot of the next version of Emacs, is in the
testing area:



If you wish to use/test the bleeding edge Emacs, you're welcome. But,
if there are issues, please report them upstream; I'll manage only the
packaging side.

To install this package, you need to remove all dependent packages and
Emacs 21.4 itself; after that, you install, using pkgadd, the
CVS Emacs corresponding to your architecture and, if you're a TeX user,
the nifty AucTex package.

Note that this version includes the successors of: oortgnus and
emacscalc, available as Blastwave packages, and many other, previously
separate, packages --- e.g., tramp.

I'll made a new testing package the next month.

Enjoy the New Year!


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