[csw-users] firefox - segmentation fault

Gary Armstrong admin at testedgeinc.com
Tue Jan 9 19:00:29 CET 2007

Hi all;

Last Friday I updated all of my blastwave software. Since then firefox 
has been aborting. I do see an error, prior to failure:

(Gecko:16751): libgnomevfs-WARNING **: Deprecated function.  User 
modifications to the MIME database are no longer supported.
Segmentation Fault - core dumped

Oh no!  /opt/csw/mozilla/firefox/lib/firefox-bin just dumped a core file.

Do you want to debug this ? You need a lot of memory for this, so watch 
out ? [y/n]

Thunderbird and seamonkey seem to be ok. Should I report this as a 
gnomevfs or firefox problem?


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