[csw-users] firefox - segmentation fault

Gary Armstrong admin at testedgeinc.com
Tue Jan 9 23:05:41 CET 2007

ken mays wrote:
> Gary,
> You may have to check your installation. I am using
> firefox 2.0 to send you this under CSWgnome 2.16.2 and
> CSWfirefox 2.0 (gecko122806).
> No faults so far on a SunBlade 100 or reported errors.
> Did something trigger the seg fault like a specific
> website or action?
> ~ken
Hi Ken;

It hasn't come up since the upgrade. It starts to show the del.icio.us 
upgraded page in a second tab, then boom. I did try moving .mozilla, but 
it still blows up.

My version of gnome is older:
# pkg-get compare gnome
# (From site http://mirrors.usc.edu/pub/blastwave/unstable )
       software                    localrev                   remoterev
          gnome    2.14.3,REV=2006.08.15.01                        SAME

This happens on an U60 running Sol8. Is 2.14 the gnome version that has 
the problems, the list was chattering about?


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