[csw-users] cups very slow

Paul Gress pgress at optonline.net
Tue Jan 16 20:51:07 CET 2007

Alessio Cervellin wrote:
> Christoph Litauer wrote:
>> Dear admins,
>> I am using blastwave packages cups, cupsclient, cupsd, cupsdev, libcups
>> and cupsdoc on a freshly installed Solaris 10 machine.
>> cupsd starts up an "learns" about 50 printers hosted on our central
>> printserver. But any action on cupsd
>> - viewing a print queue (lpstat -o printer)
>> - printing in firefox
>> - inserting a new local printer
>> is veeery slow. Long timeouts. I tried to truss cupsd, but it doesn't
>> let me ...
>> No messages in error_log ...
> I noticed the same behavior, but no ideas... though the version in the 
> stable tree is faster
> _______________________________________________
I get the same, on X64 and Sparc.  I believe it's the Localhost 
(http://localhost:631/).  I started turning off Solaris print services, 
but this didn't help.  I'd like to see this resolved.


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