[csw-users] cups very slow

Alessio Cervellin a.cervellin at virgilio.it
Wed Jan 17 16:13:14 CET 2007

I guess the problem always existed, though i noticed it the first time 
i installed cups (around november)... shame on me i didn't report this 
issue before, btw i thought it was just a problem of my own setup.

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Re: [csw-users] cups very slow

On 17/01/07, 14:49:33, Christoph 
Litauer <litauer at uni-koblenz.de> wrote 
regarding Re: [csw-users] cups 
very slow:

> >> I noticed the same behavior, but no ideas... though 
the version in the
> >> stable tree is faster

> Just gave the stable 
tree a chance: No change. Not suprising as the
> versions in stable and 
unstable are the same ...

Yes that is true but this cups version has 
been out since 2006-10-18
and this is the first anyone has mentioned a 
problem.  Has it been
slow since October or has something else 
triggered the problem?


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