[csw-users] Questions about firefox, svg and maybe cairo?

Andy Chandler achandler at visionael.com
Wed Jan 17 20:29:32 CET 2007

We've noticed a problem in porting our web app to support firefox -
specifically firefox when run on solaris.   The app uses svg with embedded
.gif files in it for some things.    The GIF files display just fine in the
blastwave firefox when loaded as a .gif, however when embedded in the
simplest svg the color pallete goes all wonky (technicolor).    This does
not happen when firefox is on either linux or windows.     We have tried
running it directly on the soloaris box with attached keyboard and graphics
card and we've also tried it with remote XServers but in all cases the
symptom is the same.     Based on my half - paying attention to some of the
stuff that goes through this list I'm beginning to wonder if maybe its due
to a way firefox was compiled?   So can anyone tell me
1: Does the solaris version of firefox link to cairo or is it using an older
graphics mechanism?
2: what version of cairo?
3: Is there anything anyone can think of that would cause the svg/gif
interaction?     I can probably make the svg and a test gif available if
anyone wants to take a gander at the issue.
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