[csw-users] cups very slow

Markus Mayer mmayer at blastwave.org
Mon Jan 22 01:44:40 CET 2007

On Tuesday, 16 Jan 2007 15:26 +0100, Christoph Litauer wrote:

> But any action on cupsd [...] is veeery slow. Long timeouts. I tried
> to truss cupsd, but it doesn't let me ... No messages in error_log
> ...
> Any ideas?

This problem has in fact been tracked down to be caused by
libgcrypt.so. libgcrypt's 'configure' script assumes that Solaris
doesn't have /dev/urandom, so it always uses /dev/random.

CUPS, in turn, uses  libgcrypt.so so set up encrypted connections.
Therefore, CUPS was always using /dev/random as well.

So, whenever there wasn't enough entropy in the pool to satify the read
from /dev/random, the call would block till the entropy pool had been
re-filled, leading to the 'CUPS is so freaking slow' behavior you and
others have described.

Torrey, the maintainer for libgcrypt, was so kind to build a new
packages within half an hour of me telling him what the problem was.
These packages are currently available from

Installing the new libcrypt package from testing should make the
slow-CUPS symptoms go away.

Within a few days the packages should be available in unstable.


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