[csw-users] Security Vulnerabilities in Samba.

Dennis Clarke dclarke at blastwave.org
Fri Jul 20 17:42:10 CEST 2007

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> Hi Jeremiah,
> Jeremiah Johnson schrieb:
> [...]
>> Thanks, I appreciate it.  Sun and SFW have released updates, but our
>> maintance policy is a bit odd for installing sun patches which is why
>> we're using Blastwave.
> Can you please elaborate where to get those Sun/SFW updates from?
> Because out of the sunvolve document you have linked us to, I can't see
> where one can get the SFW updates. In there the issue is still under
> investigation and not closed.
> BTW: We also once used the blastwave samba packages instead of the ones
> from SFW. However, in our large 100+ users environment they proved to be
> substantly slower (less performant) than the ones supplied by SFW. I
> dunno why, but perhaps the SFW packages are compiled with a higher
> optimization enabled.

  I was not aware of a performance issue.
  No one filed a bug report either.


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