[csw-users] mplayer component for video output 'xv' broken.

Jonathan Wheeler griffous at griffous.net
Wed Jul 25 14:16:27 CEST 2007

Alessio Cervellin wrote:
> Try to post a bug report on the blastwave bug tracking board (http:
> //www.blastwave.org/mantis), so you'll have a contact with the mplayer 
> package maintainer.

The maintainer of the package in stable is no longer with blastwave. 
I've been working on an updated package over the past few weeks however, 
and I'm pretty close to being happy with my mplayer-rc1 revision of mplayer.

> ----Messaggio originale----
> Da: anil.verve at gmail.
> com
> Data: 24-lug-2007 14.16
> A: <users at lists.blastwave.org>
> Ogg: [csw-
> users] mplayer component for video outpu &#39;xv&#39; broken.
> Hi,
> I 
> submitted this bug to opensolaris.org sometime back, but figured I
> could ask here too..
> http://bugs.opensolaris.org/view_bug.do?
> bug_id=6572818

I'm not a mplayer developer, so I'm probably not much help here, but 
you're more then welcome to try my work-in-progress-packages. In fact, 
I'd appreciate the help in testing :)


> I use mplayer from blastwave, and the X11/xv output 
> decoder does not
> work. I can use the others, but they do not support 
> fullscreen view.
Yeah, it's a pain huh?

>>From what I understand, everything in blastwave has 
> uses its own
> library in /opt/csw/ and not the one from /usr/

Quite right, where possible at least.

> Is there 
> a workaround that I can try (maybe replace preinit_libvo wtih
> something 
> else?) Or is the error opensolaris related and I have until
> this bug is 
> cleared?

Pass. I can tell you this much; I use mplayer a lot, and I use it with 
Xv on nevada 65.
If your issue is in fact a Nevada/X11 issue, my mplayer package isn't 
going to be any better, sorry.


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