[csw-users] Problem Installing pkg_get

Ed. Lott ed at lott.com
Sun Jun 3 19:56:35 CEST 2007

I am having a problem installing pkg_get on a Solaris 9 Ultra Sparc 
60 machine. The current patch group has been installed. Below is the 
command I issued as root and the resulting output. I have downloaded 
the pkg file twice with the same results. I may be doing something 
simple wrong, however it is not obvious to me.

# pkgadd -d /root/pkg_get.pkg all

Processing package instance <CSWpkgget> from </root/pkg_get.pkg>

pkg_get - CSW version of automated package download tool
(all) 3.7.2
You may use and copy this software without charge, as you see fit.
The software is copyright (C) Philip Brown, Nov 2000-2006

Dont forget to update /opt/csw/etc/pkg-get.conf with your nearest archive site.
(or /etc/opt/csw/pkg-get.conf)

Dont stick with the default of ibiblio.org: it's very slow!

Using </opt/csw> as the package base directory.
## Processing package information.
## Processing system information.
     bad entry read from contents file
     - pathname: /opt/sfw/docs/b
     - problem: incomplete entry
pkgadd: ERROR: unable to merge package and system information

Installation of <CSWpkgget> failed (internal error).
No changes were made to the system.

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