[csw-users] KDE, Solaris 10

Aaron Wilson aaron at ernieball.com
Thu Jun 7 19:19:27 CEST 2007

Anyone using kde? 
Tried doing a search to see if anyone else is exhibiting the same 
problems as I am.

Nothing recent came up.

Basically, I installed KDE with pkg-get and I can pick it in the chooser 
when I use the smf for cde and not gdm2. I don't really care if I use 
the cde or gdm2 smf's.

I think pkg-get got everything it needed.

Anyway, I  pick KDE and login in as root. A window comes up to set 
options on KDE but there is no text. I know one of the options is 
country because I can see a US flag. There are buttons that I can click 
on, but I don't know if I'm clicking on OK, Next, Cancel, etc since 
there is absolutely no text in the window.

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