[csw-users] Anonymous access to GAR?

Chad Walstrom chewie at wookimus.net
Wed Nov 28 23:18:22 CET 2007

It appears that subversion access is restricted to registered users, I'm
assuming "developers".  A couple years ago, I had also created a GAR
build environment for my own Solaris builds, but I would love to get a
copy of your setup if possible.  We're running a 2.8 environment, and
CSW is a revision behind on Apache 1.3.x as well as OpenSSL.  I would
like to build local packages to pass our security scan, and would like
to do so by building actual packages rather than local builds on all of
my machines.  Is there any way you could open up your archive to
anoymous read-only access, or in the least, provide a nightly/weekly
tarball snapshot of the repository?



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