[csw-users] pkgutil 1.3 released

Peter Bonivart bonivart at opencsw.org
Mon Dec 15 14:08:20 CET 2008

Finally I have released version 1.3 of pkgutil. It includes some bug
fixes and small changes as well as bigger features like the new
exclude option to skip packages when installing for example. The
feature that took the most work was the new stream option where you
can build a package stream for any package(s) for any architecture and
release complete with dependencies. Could be interesting if you have
machines with no internet connectivity or if you want a standard set
of packages on a bunch of machines. As usual you will find ways to use
it I never thought of. :-) New is also the workdir option that makes
some operations possible for non-root users, of course not operations
that require pkgadd/pkgrm but pretty much everything else.

Another change is that the default config file (pkgutil.conf) is now
located in /opt/csw/etc but if you have a pkgutil.conf in /etc/opt/csw
it will override the default file on a setting-per-setting basis.

Here's the change log for 1.3:

* v1.3. Released 2008-12-12
  - New option -x (exclude) to exclude packages (Ihsan Dogan)
  - New option -s (stream) to build a custom package (Dagobert Michelsen)
  - New option -T (target) to set architecture and release for package
    stream (-s)
  - New option -o (output) names the package stream from -s (Dagobert Michelsen)
  - New option -W (workdir) to set another directory to use for downloads.
    Some operations are now possible without being root
  - Option -f (force) renamed to -y (yes) (Dagobert Michelsen)
  - Make config file more NFS/read-only friendly (Dagobert Michelsen)
  - Changed default mirror from unstable to current (Dagobert Michelsen)
  - Fixed bug which caused a warning to be displayed during some upgrades
  - Fixed that locally cached packages are also MD5 checked (Dennis Clarke)
  - PATH added to -V (syscheck) output
  - Wget and Perl binaries added to -V
  - Documented admin file in perldoc/man page
  - Several changes in bldcat to improve speed (Dagobert Michelsen)
  - bldcat supports the description file (Dagobert Michelsen)
  - chkcat in verbose mode benefits from the same speed fix as in bldcat
  - chkcat now checks for missing dependencies

The (new) wiki site is updated with 1.3 info but I will add more
examples of the new features a.s.a.p. You can find a few by doing
"perldoc pkgutil" or "man pkgutil".


While I've been working on 1.3 the list for 1.4 just grew longer and
longer...thanks for the support. :-)


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