[csw-users] Source code for Blastwave packages?

Gary Algier gaa at ulticom.com
Mon Jan 14 21:08:40 CET 2008

Is there a simple way to get the source code for several Blastwave packages?

For example, I want to get the source code used to build Wireshark.  If I
lookup Wireshark on the Blastwave software list it says:
While this may be the Wireshark web site, it does not get me to the exact
source code used to build Wireshark.  This leads me to version 0.99.7, but
the binary is version 0.99.5.

In addition, I can't just stop there.  In order to make Wireshark work,
I need to install 35 packages.  Each of those could have the same problem.

I bring this up because the company I work for would like to include
Wireshark on our distributions for our own support purposes, but we
do not want to violate any of the license agreements.  Several of the
licenses require us to be able to supply the source code matching
the binaries if we supply the binaries.

Is this stuff on the binary DVDs available?  If I do order a set for
$45.00 can I order the equivalent source DVD for $45.00, too?

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