[csw-users] catalog out of date?

Keith Paskett KPaskett at srlonline.org
Tue Jun 3 01:05:11 CEST 2008

Keith Paskett wrote:
> The catalog seems to be out of date.
> Recent packages on the web site shows:
> May 29 21:56 postfix-2.4.6,REV=2008.05.28-SunOS5.8-%ARCH%-CSW.pkg.gz
It turns out the catalog really is BROKEN at least for postfix.
On the three server's I've tried (mirrors.usc.edu, ibiblio.org, and 
The postfix package on the server is 2.4.6,REV=2008.05.28, but the 
catalog entry is postfix 2.4.6,REV=2008.03.02

 - Keith

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