[csw-users] Issues with xterm since last refresh... (Various)

S. Hakim Hamdani [ML] ml at eroteme.org
Sun Jun 15 15:32:27 CEST 2008

> I threw a massive pile of options at it thus :
> $ /opt/csw/bin/xterm +ah -b 4 -cr white -j -ls -ms white +mb -rw -aw
> -s -sb +si -sk -sl 8192 +t -tn vt100 -vb -wf -T Solaris\ 8\ \:\ New\
> XTerm -bw 4 -bg black -bd red -fg green -fn
> -adobe-courier-medium-r-normal--25-180-100-100-m-150-iso8859-1
> ... and then scrolled up and down like mad and the Page_Up and Page_Dn
> keys works perfectly for me.

i tried it with your options and whilst the whole thing looks pretty
swell, PgUp / PgDn don't work for me still.

> What are you running?  Solaris 8 ? 9 ? 10 ? on CDE ? GNOME ? XFCE ?

SXCE build 86. WindowMaker. Worked flawlessly before 228.

> Your original email mentioned an error in xterm trying to obtain an 
> input method.  Do you have any locales or LC_* or LANG environment 
> variables specified that's triggering an attempt to hook up an X
> Input Method you might not have available on your system?  If
> nothing's changed on your system other than xterm, it could be that
> your older xterm ignored these things and the newer one pays
> attention. :-)

[hhamdani at asagao-jkk ~]$ env | grep LC
[hhamdani at asagao-jkk ~]$ env | grep LANG
[hhamdani at asagao-jkk ~]$ env | grep XT 

> I suggest clearing your environment of everything that looks like a 
> locale and see if the error persists.

> i think it's a locale problem too.
> i suggest to unset any locale environment variable and/or use the 
> specific variable $XTERM_LOCALE

I unset LANG, started an xterm, checked the env, there's no locale set
whatsoever except for the three XTERM variables above. Still no PgUp /

Thanks for any further suggestions you may have.

Best wishes, Hakim

S. Hakim Hamdani [ML] / Eroteme.org

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