[csw-users] Is it possible to downrev?

Chris Bellomy chris at goodshow.net
Sun Jun 22 21:25:55 CEST 2008

On Jun 22, 2008, at 12:38 PM, Yann Rouillard wrote:

> Chris Bellomy a écrit :
>> I run a mail server with exim and cyrus-imap that has been
>> unstable since I upgraded all my apps last month. Specifically,
>> it seems that lmtp delivery in cyrus-imap is causing the server
>> to kernel panic -- not exactly what I'm used to from Solaris!
> A userspace application, not kernel related at all, which causes a
> kernel panic ?
> It's a bit surprising. Have you more information about this problem to
> help understand how cyrus could be responsible for it ?

It's been an ordeal to track down, but I got on console yesterday
and first disabled exim at boot time. The server would come up
stable. Then I would start exim, and a few seconds later I'd
watch the kernel panic scroll across the screen. Unfortunately
it scrolls across so fast that I couldn't begin to write any of
the info down.

After it came back up again, I ran exim -q -v to watch the queue
runner process the queue. I saw it process the full LMTP handshake
up to DATA, at which point the server rebooted again.

Now this is only one data point, which is flimsy of course, but
this machine has rebooted several times over the last few weeks,
but never when I had message delivery disabled. If this weren't
the case, I'd be chasing physical layer issues, as I'm as mystified
by how a user application could do this as you seem to be. FWIW,
this is OpenSolaris x86, SNV 67, with ZFS everywhere. My best guess
how cyrus could be causing this would be that it may be tickling
a ZFS bug in our relatively old version of Solaris. To that end,
I'm building out a new box tomorrow with the latest Solaris rev
and moving mail to it ASAP.

Thoughts/feedback are very welcome.


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