[csw-users] pkgutil 1.2 released

Peter Bonivart bonivart at opencsw.org
Thu Nov 13 11:10:33 CET 2008

Yesterday I submitted pkgutil 1.2 for release into current/unstable.
It should now have reached all the mirrors.

There's quite a lot of new stuff, this is the change log from the readme file:

- Temp site (-t) does no longer replace the mirror defined in
pkgutil.conf. It instead is considered the primary location and the
mirror defined in pkgutil.conf is considered the secondary. That means
you can point -t to your own repository of packages that are built
with dependencies to CSW and it will fetch all packages necessary
regardless of their location
- Better MD5 support for Solaris 8 and 9
- Arguments to -a and -c are now treated like filters so "pkgutil -a
bind dhcp" equals "pkgutil -a | egrep -i 'bind|dhcp'"
- Changed version info to be -v instead of -V
- Added -V (--syscheck) to show info about binaries and more that
pkgutil needs to support all features
- Perldoc/man page updated with configuration file info
- Search for gzip in more places
- Fixed bug when reporting package missing in catalog (Dagobert Michelsen)
- Bundled wget binaries moved to /opt/csw/libexec/pkgutil
- bldcat (build catalog) supports CSW_CATEGORY
- bldcat now extracts data in a more dependable way
- chkcat (check catalog) checks for duplicates in catalog
- chkcat with option -v checks the catalog data against actual package
files if they are located in the same directory as the catalog parsed

The first one is the big one if you make your own packages. I combined
a few features to upgrade one server to pkgutil 1.2 before it had been
released by placing the package on a web server I control, using
bldcat to make a catalog for it and then using pkgutil -t to combine
my web servers catalog with the official one (specified in
pkgutil.conf). The result is that when I want to upgrade pkgutil it
finds pkgutil 1.2 on my web server and downloads it from there.

With just one package it would of course have been easier to just
pkgadd it manually :-) but you get the idea that you can make your own
catalogs that combined with the CSW catalog makes it easy to install
your own software even if it depends on CSW packages.

The wiki site is updated with more info and examples:

Happy upgrading! :-)


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