[csw-users] Announcement: CSW packages on the way

Philip Brown phil at bolthole.com
Mon Sep 8 20:50:49 CEST 2008

This is a much overdue announcement, to all you nice folks out there
still interested in using "CSW packages".
Apologies for the loong delay. We hoped to have something you could
actually "poke at" by now, but things are sadly taking even longer than we
anticipated. Hence the somewhat pre-emptive announcement

A brief summary of where things are:
Yes, CSW packages for Solaris, and maintainers interested in maintaining
them, are still around. 
What was formerly known as "the CSW project at blastwave", is no longer
 "at blastwave" any more, but has found a new home at opencsw.org.

Most maintainers who were formerly active, as of early this year, have 
moved over to opencsw.org
Rest assured that we will be keeping focus on the "core values" of what CSW
packaging has been all about, since I founded it back in 2002:

  Supporting officially released, and sun-supported, "Production Solaris",
  with quality binary packages, in Solaris-native package format.

We are commited to NOT doing the following things:
  We are NOT going to force, or pressure ANYONE, to pay for support, or
  "licenses" to use our packages

  We are NOT going to gut support for older releases of solaris, until Sun
  officially de-supports them first.
   (Thus, Sol8 will no longer "officially" be supported by us next year,
    when Sun drops it from its front-line support. But we will still
    support Sol9!)

This is why we have moved away from blastwave.org: so that we can continue
to do so, without interference from the domain owner.

As mentioned, sadly, package updates are still "in the works"... we have a
lot of cleanup, to get rid of some legacy references, before we can
officially annnounce a release. There was more cleanup to be done, than was
anticipated. Rest assured, though, that we ARE working on it, and hope to
have a release in the next 1-2 weeks.
Sorry for the delay!

We have taken the liberty of preserving the list membership of folks who
were previous users of the "CSW packages" mailing list, in this one.
We hope you appreciate our efforts, and will continue to stay interested in
our work. However, anyone who choses to unsubscribe,(which you can do
through the standard mailman methods, on lists.opencsw.org) will not
be troubled further by us.

Philip Brown
CSW packages founder, and author of pkg-get

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