[csw-users] Why is CSW writing to /usr?

Laurent Blume laurent at opensolaris.org
Tue Sep 9 23:11:48 CEST 2008

Alessio a écrit :
> not all, there are packages that write outside /opt/csw.
> the above error seems caused by the fc-cache process (maybe from 
> CSWfconfig?) and should be harmless

To be more precise: the fc-cache process writes an index of fonts in 
each directory where fonts reside. It's not placing any package file 
there, and uses very little space. The CSW version uses a different name 
for the cache than Sun's to avoid conflicts (fonts.cache-csw, something 
like that).

However, I disagree that it's harmless. Not having up to date 
fonts.cache can lead to very serious performance degradation if there 
are many fonts, as each process using fontconfig scans all directories 
to list fonts, every time. It's best to let the fc-cache process write 
its files (they don't need to be writable afterwards since fonts aren't 
going to change much).

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