[csw-users] New mirror

Capana - Georg Sluyterman CPAGES at sonofon.dk
Fri Apr 10 13:04:36 CEST 2009

Georg Sluyterman wrote:
> Hi 
> Would someone be so kind to add the following mirror to the
> Thanks!
> http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/opencsw/
> ftp://mirrors.dotsrc.org/opencsw/
> Location:
> Organisation: dotsrc.org
> City: Aalborg
> Country: Denmark
> Connectivity: 1 Gb/s
> Syncing from: www.ibiblio.org (rsync)
> Syncing frequency: 12h
> Trafic limit: none

Thanks for adding the mirror to the homepage. I can see that dotsrc.org
is listed as an unofficial mirror.
"It is unknown how often they sync up, or whether the sites are going to
stick around."

We have been around since 1995, and we will continue to exist in the
years to come (including the opencsw mirror). We are syncing once every
12 h, as required.

It is of course entirely up the OpenCSW-project in what category mirrors
are put (i gues you have your reasons), but i would appreciate it if
dotsrc.org went into the other category :-)

Regards Georg Sluyterman

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