[csw-users] /testing Firefox 3.0.13 is available

William Bonnet william at wbonnet.net
Wed Aug 12 15:08:30 CEST 2009

Hi Mats
> So then I guess the goal is to make one SPARC pkg that works on 
> Solaris 8/9/10?
That's right. But actually it does work only on Solaris 9 and 10. So I 
provides a Sol 9 package for both of these platform, and a Solaris 8 for 
testing purpose on this platform.

As i said in theother email, Solaris 8 package also work on Solaris 9 
and 10 (but not 8).

I plan to release Solaris 9 package that would be used on Solaris 9 and 
10, and stay to FF2.0.0.22 on Solaris 8 until i can fix it.


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