[csw-users] pkgutil: Loop protection limit hit ... cyclic catalog dependency

Sebastian Kayser skayser at opencsw.org
Tue Nov 3 11:54:11 CET 2009


i am just about to upgrade some boxes running with current/ and on one
of those boxes pkgutil won't proceed because of a possible cyclic
dependency in the catalog.

# pkgutil -u
Looking for packages that can be upgraded...
Parsing catalog, may take a while...
Loop protection limit (25000) hit. There's probably a cyclic dependency
in the catalog.

# pkgutil -v

What's funny about this is that i just upgraded another machine with the
same catalog just fine. What's the proper way to nail down the culprit
here? The boxes are almost the same: the one where i am seeing the
problem above has a couple of packages less installed compared to the
one that upgraded fine.

Catalog cksum is

# wget -qO- \
  http://csw.informatik.uni-erlangen.de/csw/current/i386/5.10/catalog | \
1402088625      411934


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