[csw-users] apache2 / mod_perl2 / oracle

Sebastian Kayser skayser at opencsw.org
Fri Nov 6 00:05:53 CET 2009

Hi Dewey,

Dewey Hylton wrote on 05.11.2009 13:40:
> hi all. i've been highly unsuccessful moving a particular set of websites
> from linux to solaris due to perl module issues. this of course is not
> strictly a csw issue, but my preference is to install everything necessary
> via csw.
> to this end, i'd like to ask if anyone can point me to a recipe for what
> i'm trying to do. ultimately, this is what i'd like:
> apache2 running mod_perl
> apache/perl talking to oracle (oracle client is of course outside the scope
> of csw)
> apache auth via oracle

if you have been running that kind of stuff on a Linux platform before,
what packages did you use there? Is it something like:

- Apache2/APR compiled with apr_dbd_oracle.so for authentication
- DBD::Oracle for Perl Oracle connectivity
- Oracle client

> i'm darned close using apache13, but this is not ideal for several reasons.

Aside from the drawbacks you are implying, would our Apache 1.3 package
put you in a position to connect to Oracle? How?


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