[csw-users] ruby update info

Ben Walton bwalton at opencsw.org
Fri Nov 6 19:45:04 CET 2009

Hi All,

A new version of ruby will be hitting the mirrors shortly.  This is
not a version change.  The updated binaries have been built with sun
studio 11 instead of gcc4[1].

This means that, by default, to compile native gems, you'll need
studio 11 installed at /opt/csw/studio/SOS11/.  To facilitate sites
that would prefer not to drag studio 11 onto their machines (myself
included), I'm also shipping the rbconfig.rb file from the gcc4 build
and a tool to switch between the two.  You can now use `cswrbconfig`
to switch between the SOS11 and GCC4 settings as desired.
Additionally, you can also add your own settings by installing a file
like /opt/csw/lib/ruby/1.8/$arch-solaris2.8/rbconfig.rb.$SITELOCAL

I've tested this update with previously compiled gems (mysql) and
found that they seemed ok.  I hope that this update is painless, but I
wanted to make people aware of the change just in case.  Please let me
know if you encounter any problems as a result of this update.


[1] To close a bug and to be more consistent with CSW guidelines and
    the perl/python CSW builds.
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