[csw-users] evince odesn't start when called by firefox

Aaron Wilson aaron at ernieball.com
Thu Oct 8 16:59:44 CEST 2009

Actually I kind of have seen this.

Years ago I created a shell script with the help of someone from this 
list so my users could open up pdf's in the native Solaris version of 
I would get an error if I tried to open a pdf in evolution with 

So we created a script that I put at /opt/csw/bin/evince.sh

The contents of that scritpt:

exec /opt/csw/bin/evince "$@"

I've had that set as the default pdf handler in both Evolution and 
Firefox for years now.

Recently I did update to Firefox 3.53 from 

Since upgrading my old evince.sh handler stopped working, so I tried 
just setting Firefox to use evince and now I can open pdfs again with 

Maybe you'd have luck with that evince.sh script?


Nicolai Schwindt wrote:
>> hello all,
>> i'm using firefox-3.5.3 from sun contribs, on a solaris 10 sparc machine.
>> I've got this error:
> [...]
>> but it works with xpdf.
> xpdf does not depend on pango - evince seems to.
> Firefox probably set an LD_LIBRARY_PATH, so evince finds the wrong pango lib.
>> Anybody has seen it?
> under /usr/local - not anymore since bsd.
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