[csw-users] Compilers used?

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Thu Sep 3 09:41:59 CEST 2009

Hi George,

Am 02.09.2009 um 23:40 schrieb Wyche, George PW:

> @Dagobert Michelsen
> That is very specific. Thank you.
> -------------------------------------
> What is the difference between "member" and "user"?

A user is anybody using the packages. A maintainer is somebody who
has build a package. After that, maintainers can apply for membership
to the OpenCSW association. You can read the bylaws and member list at

> -------------------------------------
> Below, you say:
>  "Aha! For gcc we just use our own OpenCSW GCC compilers, which are  
> not
> relocatable."
> I'm sorry, but 2 things, then, I don't understand:
> 1) What do you mean "not relocatable"?

They are in /opt/csw/gcc<version>. You can not install them anywhere  
because there are hardcoded pathes in there. You can install the Sun  
compiler to arbitrary pathes, though.

> 2) What, if anything, involves "our own ... compilers"? What good does
> this do for me?

If a package has been compiled with gcc and the flags are recorded you
may be forced to use the same compiler.

> -----------------------------------
> If I wish to extend Python and wish to use the 5.8 sparc version  
> OpenCSW
> package for Python, then it would seem that I have to have Sun  
> Studio 11
> for myself. My SunBlade100 with 5.8 is configured with too few  
> resources
> for Studio 11.

I would recommend buying a 120 GB PATA disk for 5$ from the fleamarket,

> Are any of us OpenCSW users privy to the exact procedures involved in
> all packages made? If I knew it I would duplicate the Python making
> process using my gcc.

The builds at OpenCSW are done with GAR and the build description is  
You can find an introduction to GAR at http://gar.opencsw.org

> ------------------------------------
> I am a Solaris user, but Pratt Whitney's connection to the internet is
> strictly through controlled Windows boxes with which I am  
> unfamiliar. I
> tried to post from
> http://post.gmane.org/post.php?group=gmane.os.solaris.opencsw.user&follo
> wup=581 but was denied because there was a [x] where some picture is
> supposed to be, thus was unable to "Enter the word above:"
> So what is the protocol to do a followup given the above situation? Is
> filling in Subject sufficient? Does citing the original posters name  
> in
> the first line make it become sufficient? Must I include all of the
> original posters text to make it sufficient?

No, just subscribe to users@ and you are then allowed to post:

Best regards

   -- Dago

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