[csw-users] Updated packages 'automake' and 'mutt' use new alternatives system

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Fri Feb 19 22:57:40 CET 2010


there is a new system in place to select different alternatives of
binaries, libraries and other files. For this, the Red Hat alternatives
system from the chkconfig package has been ported. The first two  
that use it are automake to select automake and aclocal between the  
versions 1.7, 1.8, ... 1.11 and for mutt to select between ncurses- and
slang-based versions. After installation the specific version can be  
   /opt/csw/sbin/alternatives --config automake
   /opt/csw/sbin/alternatives --config mutt

Next things in the pipe are 32 / 64 bit selectable server software like
MySQL, Postgres and OpenLDAP and feature-selectable libraries where the
base lib with minimal dependencies is installed by default and the
featurefull version with more dependencies gets higher precedence when
installed. Stay tuned!

Best regards

   -- Dago

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