[csw-users] pkgutil switches so as to show what WOULD happen.

Wyche, George PW George.Wyche at pw.utc.com
Tue Mar 16 00:05:08 CET 2010

I believe I understand.
Thanks for taking the time to be specific.
I'll use both gmd5sum and pgp (or maybe pgp2, we'll see)


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On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 1:02 AM, Wyche, George             PW
<George.Wyche at pw.utc.com> wrote:
> @Peter
> Thanks. I succeeded with pkgutil -in <name>
> It *mostly* worked.
> pkgutil -in xpdf  came back saying Updated packages: CSWftype2-...
> That CSWftype2 is misleading.
> fgrep ftype2 [name]/sparc/5.8/descriptions does not return anything.
> After a bit I found freetype2, but I don't know a straight forward way
> to find it.

Pkgutil allows mixing catalog name and package name, however the
descriptions file only contains the catalog name, that's why your grep
didn't work.

Use the -a (available) option to look this up:

# pkgutil -a ftype2
freetype2            CSWftype2            2.3.12,REV=2010.02.26      682.8 KB

It displays both catalog and package name. You can also search the
descriptions file with:

# pkgutil --describe freetype2
freetype2 - A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine

> Also, it is not clear to me why md5 checking is senseless without gpg.
> Why is that?

Because if you don't know if the catalog is modified (checked by gpg)
the package checksums (checked by md5) doesn't mean anything from a
security perspective. I guess you could still use it to know that
nothing happened with the package files during "transport" though.

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