[csw-users] orca and aggr "not in catalog"

Glen Gunselman ggunselm at emporia.edu
Fri Sep 3 16:40:40 CEST 2010

I shot myself in the ... earlier this week when I used pkgutil to update CSWorca on a client using network device aggregation.  
I did not have any real reason to believe updating CSWorca would fix anything - I just shooting in the dark. It does look like orca is collecting data for aggr1 so I think that was a good move.
But now CSWorca-web in unable to report throughput exceeding 1000Mb (the value is not plotted when > 1Gb).
# Interface bits per second for > 1 Gbit interfaces.
plot {
title                   %g Interface Bits Per Second: $1
source                  orcallator
data                    1024 * 8 * ((?:(?:aggr))\d+)InKB/s
data                    1024 * 8 * $1OuKB/s
line_type               area
line_type               line1
legend                  Input
legend                  Output
y_legend                Bits/s
data_min                0
data_max                2000000000
plot_width              800
href                    http://www.orcaware.com/orca/docs/orcallator.html#interface_bits_per_second 
I'm looking at updating CSWorca-web (as before I'm just hoping ...) but pkgutil is showing CSWorca-web, CSWpmrdd, CSWrenderdev and CSWrrdrt are no longer in the catalog:
pkgutil -C
package                   installed                 catalog
CSWorca-web               r535,REV=2009.03.19       not in catalog
CSWpmrrd                  1.4.3,REV=2010.06.25      not in catalog
CSWrenderdev              0.8,REV=2004.03.30        not in catalog
CSWrrdrt                  1.4.3,REV=2010.06.25      not in catalog
It was the "not in catalog" that got me in trouble earlier this week.
Anyone know what happened to these OpenCSW packages?  Is this a problem with pkgutil (2.0,REV=2010.06.08)?
Should I expect Orca to handle aggr's?
Thanks for any insight,
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