[csw-users] puppet package does not get SMF manifest imported in non-global zone

Matt Willsher matt at monki.org.uk
Sat Aug 20 12:44:12 CEST 2011


I've been trying to get CSWpuppet running in a non-global zone. I've
installed puppet and related dependencies in the global zone and added a
inherit-pkg-dir dir=/opt/csw to the zone configuration.  In the global zone
the manifest is getting important and the service started as expected.

The perhaps slightly unusual thing about this installation is that I'm using
JET to install the various CSW packages, in the order shows by pkgutil -s.
The various cas packages are getting installed by this.

It's not a massive problem to manually import the manifest via svccfg but
it'd be nice if it just worked.

Any ideas where I can look to investigate this further?


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