[csw-users] puppet package does not get SMF manifest imported in non-global zone

Matt Willsher matt at monki.org.uk
Sun Aug 21 11:36:55 CEST 2011

On 20 August 2011 23:43, Matt Willsher <matt at monki.org.uk> wrote:
> On 20 August 2011 11:44, Matt Willsher <matt at monki.org.uk> wrote:
>> I've been trying to get CSWpuppet running in a non-global zone.
>> The perhaps slightly unusual thing about this installation is that I'm using JET to install the various CSW packages, in the order shows by pkgutil -s.
> In case it aids someone else, in the JET template for the
> global zone, CSWcommand and the CSWcas-* pkgs are in
> custom_packages_1, the rest in custom_packages_n. Putting them all in
> _1 or _n causing problems either with the class utils not working in
> all zones or in the first provisioned zone.

Sorry to reply to myself so much, last mail I promise.

All the CSW packages should be in _1. In _n it seems that things
aren't quite ready by the time the first zone build kicks off. _1
ensures the installation is being done on the install Solaris global
zone so /usr/lib/sadm/install is local and it also means everything is
ready by the time the zone builds kick offer in a few reboots time.

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