[csw-users] mutt (CSWmutt 1.5.21,REV=2010.09.16)

Glen Gunselman ggunselm at emporia.edu
Tue Jan 25 18:46:51 CET 2011

I will start with the most basic of questions - is the version of mutt (CSWmutt 1.5.21,REV=2010.09.16) usable from the command line?
I have never used mutt but our local anti spam (M+) no longer handles uuencode.  It has been suggested we use mutt.
I think we need to replace the following syntax: 
uuencode "/opt/csw/share/doc/mutt/reference.html" reference.html  | mailx -v -r me at xxx.yyy -s "test - mutt reference manual" some1else at xxx.yyy ( mailto:some1else at xxx.yyy )
I tried:
mutt -s "mutt reference manual" -a /opt/csw/share/doc/mutt/reference.html -- me at xxx.yyy ( mailto:me at xxx.yyy ) < /dev/null
but this just hangs.
Thanks for any clues,
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