[csw-users] /testing Sendmail 8.14.5

Peter Bonivart bonivart at opencsw.org
Sun Jul 3 15:32:00 CEST 2011

I have done some work to the Sendmail 8.14.2 package from 2007. During
all this time Mike Watters, Benny von Mossner and Maciej Blizinski
have also contributed.

There's quite a few changes and it's a lot simpler now. It doesn't
mess with Solaris built-in Sendmail but instead delivers a script to
help with this if you need it. Change list:

+ it's built in GAR
+ large file support
+ post install message to explain changes
+ fix paths in sendmail.cf and cswsendmail
+ include deactivate/reactivate scripts for Solaris Sendmail
+ migrate conf from /opt/csw/etc/mail
+ use alternatives to clear collisions with postfix
+ never start cswsendmail by default (collides with Solaris Sendmail)
+ path to sendmail.cf in binary (/etc/opt/csw/mail)
+ bdb hash support
+ remove all custom handling of conf files, users and so on. Replace
with class action scripts
+ contrib package with utilities

These bugs should be fixed:

#2915 Must stop built-in sendmail manually -> n/a
#3864 Sendmail must be relinked with new berkeley db -> bdb48
#4150 Sendmail 8.14.4 released -> this is 8.14.5
#4486 Provide sendmail's contrib/ tools as a separate package

There's three packages: sendmail, sendmail_contrib and libmilter. You
can find them here:


Please help test both new installs and upgrades. Does it work at all?
Things to do differently?

NOTE: these are experimental packages, they are not recommended for
production systems.


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