[csw-users] Sendmail - File too large

Owen Eng owen.eng at rogers.com
Fri Jun 10 20:06:42 CEST 2011


We have been using CSWsendmail 8.14.2,REV=2007.12.17 flawlessly until now. One of our mailboxes has all its emails stuck in the mail queue and there are these messages in /var/log/syslog

Jun 10 11:25:34 mayosoyva sm-mta[28750]: [ID 801593 mail.info] p5ADsY8f027775: to=<xxx at xxx.com>, delay=01:30:54, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=local, pri=10304087, relay=local, dsn=4.2.0, stat=Deferred: 450 4.2.0 /var/mail/xxx: File too large

The server is using UFS in / and ZFS in /export. Here are some system details that might help.

# uname -a
SunOS mayosoyva 5.10 Generic_142910-17 i86pc i386 i86pc

# ulimit -a
time(seconds) unlimited
file(blocks) unlimited
data(kbytes) unlimited
stack(kbytes) 10240
coredump(blocks) unlimited
nofiles(descriptors) 256
memory(kbytes) unlimited

# ls -l /var/mail/xxx
-rw-rw----   1 di.victor mail     2147481168 Jun 10 11:25 /var/mail/xxx

# ls -l /var/mail
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root          12 Dec  5  2010 /var/mail -> /export/mail

# df -h
Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on
/dev/dsk/c1d0s0        139G   4.4G   133G     4%    /
/devices                 0K     0K     0K     0%    /devices
ctfs                     0K     0K     0K     0%    /system/contract
proc                     0K     0K     0K     0%    /proc
mnttab                   0K     0K     0K     0%    /etc/mnttab
swap                   7.1G   1.0M   7.1G     1%    /etc/svc/volatile
objfs                    0K     0K     0K     0%    /system/object
sharefs                  0K     0K     0K     0%    /etc/dfs/sharetab
                        139G   4.4G   133G     4%    /lib/libc.so.1
fd                       0K     0K     0K     0%    /dev/fd
swap                   7.1G   188K   7.1G     1%    /tmp
swap                   7.1G    52K   7.1G     1%    /var/run
swap                   7.1G   132K   7.1G     1%    /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming
export                 5.3T    20G   5.3T     1%    /export

I believe it is failing because the mailbox "/var/mail/xxx" is 2GB. In fact, it works if I remove it and let it recreate a new one. Is there a max file size limit in play somewhere that I am not aware of?

Can anyone help me solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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