[csw-users] Sendmail - File too large

Peter Bonivart bonivart at opencsw.org
Sun Jun 12 22:21:25 CEST 2011

On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 10:13 PM, Owen Eng <owen.eng at rogers.com> wrote:
> Do you think I must undo everything and remove the old CSWsendmail package
> first? If so, I hope everything else does not break.

Seems to be a bug in the current package hindering it from being
cleanly uninstalled, that's why pkgadd complains when installing the
new package.

Yes, you can uninstall it manually before installing the new one. You
can always later install the current one the normal way after removing
the experimental package.

Note though that this experimental package can be quite different from
the current one so I can't recommend you do this testing on your
production system. Maybe it's wiser to try from a zone or in


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