[csw-users] Live Upgrade

James Lee james at opencsw.org
Tue May 17 13:31:10 CEST 2011

On 17/05/11, 11:07:54, David Morgan <dave.morgan at s4c.co.uk> wrote regarding 
[csw-users] Live Upgrade:

> Is it possible to use Solaris Live Upgrade to update OpenCSW packages?

When I looked at this some time ago I decided it wouldn't work because
not all packages respect being install outside /opt/csw.  Install scripts
don't (all) check the installation for fake or real root.

It's not a requirement for the CSW packages.  I think it could be but
I've largely avoided the need by doing zone dances.  One can update a
spare zone while a another does the work.  ZFS snapshot the zone root
and rollback if needed.


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