[csw-users] Where to get stable packages and how to contribute?

Бондаренко Андрей Витальевич bondarenko.av at mmk.ru
Fri Oct 28 09:11:28 CEST 2011


Currently, I'm using CSW packages on sparc a few hosts. Usually, I prefer using prebuild
packages, but sometimes software in CSW catalog is outdated or miss some features.
For such  cases I've set up a build host where I can build packages from GAR. Now, I have
some questions.

What catalog contain packages for regular use? Packages in stable are very old, mostly.
Software in testing and unstable looks newer, but how stable it is? For example,
subversion related packages  mixes two version 1.6.16 and 1.6.15, which looks strange
for me.

While building packages with GAR, I sometime face bug in GAR or package. Usually,
I'm fixing them by myself, because it is usually faster. I don't want to become a maintainer,
because I can't spent time on CSW regularly, but I can send bug reports/patches from
time to time. Is there a need in such contributions. What is the preferred way to
send patches, bug reports. There is GAR trac at SF, Mantis at OpenCSW and several
mailing lists. What should I use?

Best regards,

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