[csw-users] How to get libmlib.so.2 (SUNW_2.3)?

Wyche, George PW George.Wyche at pw.utc.com
Tue Aug 28 23:56:20 CEST 2012

I am working on giving 10u10 a try. Thanks for your advice.

Since I am going to the trouble with 2.2+ Gigs of DVD iso download for 10u10, does anyone have a reason NOT to go for Solaris11?

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Hi George,

Am 28.08.2012 um 19:38 schrieb "Wyche, George             PW" <George.Wyche at pw.utc.com>:
> I cannot run unstable's emacs because ALL of our Solaris workstations lack libmlib.so.2 (SUNW_2.3).
> What are my options to resolve this?
> 1. I could undertake to become part of the Oracle empire.
>    I sort of started down that path by registering for Support so I could find out if the patch which is mentioned in one of the google search results was freeware. I got nowhere. I couldn't even figure out how much it would cost to obtain it. So much for that path at the moment.

You can update to Solaris 10u10 which has libmlimb.so.2

> 2. Don't use unstable?
>  All of our Solaris workstations are prohibited from connection to the 
> internet. Thus I must add CSW*gz packages to a particular workstation to be the repository of sparc/5.10/* files. Those files get there by first doing pkgutil --install <desired_program> and observing the NEW packages and UPDATES packages, then using a windows box to download them to a local PC directory, then copying them from there to sparc/5.{8/9/10} and finally, where appropriate, 5.10> ln -s ../5.9/<blah>.gz  As you might imagine the first poor guy (me) to engage "unstable" spends the entire day moving files and installing programs.
>  Only to encounter libmlib.so.2 failure at the end of the day.
>   ----
>   There is no reasonably easy way to back off from unstable with assurance that any other choice will be successful, no?

We did have some snapshots of unstable in the past which we probably will have in the future.

> 3. Try Solaris 9?
>  All of this only happened when we bought a used 2500 and attempted to clone one of the workstations with Solaris 10 on it. Sure enough all DID work until there was a program that clone was missing, and I wanted to add it. I have never, ever downloaded the 5.10 packages required for that program (subversion). Classic problem. You want something new? You have to upgrade over 90% of the packages. My old, dead workstation was doing subversion from Solaris5.8. OpenCSW has abandoned Solaris 5.8. Yes, can't live in the last century. I am loathe to go with Solaris 9 for pretty much the same reason.
> 4. Abandon openCSW?
>  That would be a brave step for me after this many years.
> 5. Try OpenSolaris?
>  Is that project even still alive?

We are currently testing map files for linking with old Solaris versions and emacs may be a good candidate to link to an older release. Feel free to join #opencsw on IRC free node for updates.

Best regards

  -- Dago

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