[csw-users] Problem with pkgutil

Pickering, Roger (NIH/NIAAA) [E] rpickeri at willco.niaaa.nih.gov
Fri Dec 28 19:11:32 CET 2012

First, don't get me wrong - I love pkgutil.  Thanks!  I mean it!

However, there is a problem.

If there is problem installing a package - say a directory cannot be created - Pkgutil still finishes, but the package is not functional or an admin mistakenly deletes a couple of files needed by a package, by mistake.

Well, the package does not work, but guess what?  The package has been installed so it is impossible to reinstall or update because pkgutil sees that the system has an up-to-date package installed.

Is there no way to fix this?  Can pkgutil be told to update or install the package anyway?


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