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Thanks very much!  This actually works!


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Hi Roger,

Unfortunately there is little that pkgutil can do in these cases. It is just a wrapper around the underlying pkgadd and pkgrm tools provided by Solaris. If pkgadd fails but exits cleanly, pkgutil will just carry on. If an admin breaks things, again, there is nothing to be fine by pkgutil.

The solution in cases such as these is to pkgrm the affected package and then ask pkgutil to install it again.


On Dec 28, 2012 6:12 PM, "Pickering, Roger (NIH/NIAAA) [E]" <rpickeri at willco.niaaa.nih.gov<mailto:rpickeri at willco.niaaa.nih.gov>> wrote:
First, don't get me wrong - I love pkgutil.  Thanks!  I mean it!

However, there is a problem.

If there is problem installing a package - say a directory cannot be created - Pkgutil still finishes, but the package is not functional or an admin mistakenly deletes a couple of files needed by a package, by mistake.

Well, the package does not work, but guess what?  The package has been installed so it is impossible to reinstall or update because pkgutil sees that the system has an up-to-date package installed.

Is there no way to fix this?  Can pkgutil be told to update or install the package anyway?


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