[csw-users] Getting Perl and CPAN to play nice with opencsw

Larry Siden lsiden at westside-consulting.com
Fri Jan 6 09:34:33 CET 2012

At last, some progress.

I'm attaching my copy of /opt/csw/lib/perl/5.10.1/Config_heavy.pl.  The
modifications I made made it possible for me to build Perl modules that
required use of the C/C++ compiler and linker, such as DBI.  Even though I
could change the paths to these components from within cpan, via "o conf
..." or in CPAN/Config.pm, without changing other command-line options,
such as "-KPIC" or "-xO3", gcc would simply refuse to continue, and I could
find no other way than to change them in Config_heavy.pl.

The real solution, of course, is for maintainers to rebuild the OpenCSW
release of Perl using gcc and related packages installed by OpenCSW so that
the paths and options will be correct from the get-go, because
Config_heavy.pl (and Config.pm that includes it) are supposed to reflect
the same commands and options that a given distro of Perl was built with.

Since I have a soft spot in my heart for Perl, I would be happy to
contribute to this effort if my current employer will permit me to use his
equipment for this purpose, because I don't have any other Solaris system
at my disposal.  It's his "house" so I gotta abide by his rules! :)

I will also post this information to

Larry Siden,
Westside Consulting LLC

On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 6:03 AM, Larry Siden
<lsiden at westside-consulting.com>wrote:

> Please see my post at
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8740443/how-to-change-default-cflags-for-makemaker
> It's about the experience I've been having trying to enable CPAN to build
> Perl modules.
> I've attached CPAN/Config.pm
> For the record:
> $pkgutil -c perl
>     package                   installed                 catalog
>     CSWperl                   5.10.1,REV=2011.01.15     SAME
> Larry Siden,
> Westside Consulting LLC
> westside-consulting.com
> 734-926-9614
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