[csw-users] Getting Perl and CPAN to play nice with opencsw

Peter Bonivart bonivart at opencsw.org
Fri Jan 6 11:07:42 CET 2012

2012/1/6 Larry Siden <lsiden at westside-consulting.com>:
> The real solution, of course, is for maintainers to rebuild the OpenCSW
> release of Perl using gcc and related packages installed by OpenCSW so that
> the paths and options will be correct from the get-go, because
> Config_heavy.pl (and Config.pm that includes it) are supposed to reflect the
> same commands and options that a given distro of Perl was built with.

Our preferred compiler is Studio, not GCC. I think this is based on
the assumption of Studio producing smaller/faster code on Solaris than
GCC but that assumption may have to be revisited. Even though Studio
is free to use we can't package it so I understand that you and others
prefer GCC. For the first time in a long time OpenCSW also has a
current GCC.

I'll see if we can bring up the compiler issue on the maintainers list.


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